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The Scalextric 1969 Ford Mustang Project

By Ray Stankewitz
Photos by Captain Hammer

Our local HobbyTown USA in Fremont, CA. is installing a Scalextric track to 'test the waters' so to speak, on how a slot car track would work out for them. The plans are to have scheduled weekly(?) races for 1/32nd scale cars. As a dedicated slot racer, I felt that we should build a car to go a racin' with!

We are going to be improving the performance of a Scalextric #C2450 Ford Mustang. This car was chosen because I really like the Boss 302 Mustang-it was a terror on the track and street. We hope to make this Scalextric version live up to it's namesake. This poor critter will be receiving a few performance upgrades to both the motor and drivetrain departments. We intend to add a few of Slick 7's tweaker magnets to make it stick better to the track.

Because this car is a 'Plain Vanilla' version, we will be adding some flash to the performance as a last change to the car. It's no fun trying to be the bully if your car doesn't look like a sleeper!

Scaalextric 1969 Frod Mustang

OK, the project is off and running. We will be locating a few performance pieces for our Mustang and take you through the steps to make the changes. We hope that our project lives up to our expectations!

What we really wish though, would somebody tell us how to get the car off the base??? 8-(

See you soon for part 2!
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