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The Guest Book!

This is the Guest Book for's Website. Read and enjoy the posts and if you feel like leaving a post of your own, just use the button below:


Please note that this is not an automatic-posting guestbook. If you submit a post, I have to update the page manually, I.E. striking fingertips on keys. Give me a day or two and I will add your post! Thanks!

This guestbook updated on Monday, January 15th, 2007!

Ta-da! We are up to 9 posts! (and you need to read the 4th one!)

Name: Janet 'Little Hammer' Stankewitz
E-mail: Private
City: Anderson
State: Indiana
Country: USA
Favorite Scale: 1/24
Place where you race: Nowhere
How Did you find Us: Where am I ??
Message: Great site Dad! But where's my mention on the Team Hammer Page???

Janet is my #1 Daughter and a Team Hammer lifetime member!

Name: Richard James
E-mail: Private
City: Kaufman
State: Texas
Country: USA
Favorite Scale: HO
Place where you race: Home
How Did you find Us: Where am I ??
Message: Hey Ray nice site!

Richard is a close personal friend from our days in the USAF! Thanks for checking out my site!

Name: Jeff Ford
E-mail: Private
City: Montrose
State: Colorado
Country: USA
Favorite Scale: All
Place where you race: Nowhere right now
How Did you find Us: From an old link (?)
Message: Hey Ray, Congrats on the new site!

Jeff is my Nephew-thanks for signing the GuestBook!

...and on occasion there will be the post that needs to be posted???....8-P
and it's probably someone I know.....

Name: Reality Check
E-mail: Private
City: Everywhere
State: Ca.
Country: USA of course
Favorite Scale: All
Place where you race: home, commercial, club, nowhere
How Did you find Us: (no entry)
Message: No Comment - No big deal - Site design needs improvement, not as good as thinks

OK Reality Check.....why don't you pony up and tell me what needs improvement? Or maybe show me what you're made of and submit an article (.txt format) with a few pictures (640 x 480 .jpg format) and I will post it. Send your article, rants, flames, etc. to Hope to hear from you!

And Team Hammer driver Doug throws his $0.02 worth in the ring.....

Name: Doug Marchese
E-mail: Private (I know where you live)
City: Hayward
State: Ca.
Country: Good old USA
Favorite Scale: 1/24th
Place where you race: Commercial Tracks
How Did you find Us: How did I get here???
Message: Come to the races you old Buck or are you just afraid of me whipping you?

OK, we will have to do something about that @ Eddies in August, Eh??

Name: Mac Cline
E-mail: Private
City: Prescott
State: Az.
Country: USA
Favorite Scale: HO
Place where you race: Home, Clubs
How Did you find Us: other
Message: Hello. Hope you keep HO scale alive at this site. Your site looks great. If you have an how to section I will submit a few articles from time to time. Keep up the good work. Sites like this keep the sport alive

Maybe we will see a few HO articles from Mr. Cline....Hhmmm??

Name: Larry Bahmer
E-mail: Private
City: Lansing
State: Mi.
Country: USA
Favorite Scale: 1/43
Place where you race: Home
How Did you find Us: Google
Message: Hi, I'm just getting into slots and just purchased an Artin 1/43rd set. Looking for information on this specific Scale and Maker

Larry, I wish I could help-Artin is a decent 1/32 car but I don't know about their 1/43rd stuff. Any opinions out there??

Name: Jerry C
E-mail: Private
City: Niagara Falls
State: NY.
Country: USA
Favorite Scale: 1/32, HO
Place where you race: Home Commercial
How Did you find Us: Other
Message: Sounds very interesting.might take a shot at it. Looks Good

Brian checks in from the northern reaches of the USA

Name: Brian Keith
E-mail: Private
City: Sioux Falls
State: South Dakota
Country: USA
Favorite Scale: HO
Place where you race: Home
How Did you find Us: No Answer
Message: Several years ago i built a lifelike DAYTONA, and a tyco custom INDY track each with 30+ cars. due to the variances in car performance I developed what seem to be strange in-house rules to govern the competitions. cars are drawn for randomly. lane choice is done by coin flip. races are won/lost by desloting opponent putting lap(s) down racing to 25/50 laps. is there anyone else using similar "game board-like" rules to govern their races?

Brian-I don't know anybody right now that uses Kamikazi style rules like that, but seems almost like a USRA race! LOL!!

Slick 7-we make slot cars into race cars!

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