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This is the Pro-Zap Magnet Services™ Page!

About Pro-Zap Magnet Services™...

This is a small project that I run as a support effort for Team Hammer Racing. This ensures that we have freshly zapped magnets in our setups. I use a vintage 60's Indiana General™ Model 90 Zapper that has enough power to reverse cobalts with ease. Although I can zap cobalts, I prefer not to because this beast has enough 'grunt' to find the flaws in the magnets. Some real odd multimag motors have been the result at times.

At 138 lbs., this unit is not exactly what you would call 'portable'. It has not seen much road time at all, being content to sit on a computer hutch and do it's duty. The ol' girl is power hungry, too. The lights in my former residence would dim when I punched the Zap button. This beast has killed many a good watch, magnetized things that i didn't want that way and pulled rather large flat files from a bench 2 feet away! 8-D

As a rule I will do all forms of "normal" air gap ceramic motor set-ups from .465" to .550" in size. If you think you would like to use our services, send an e-mail to ME and I will e-mail back to you with some facts and figures. Thanks for visiting this page.

Slick 7-we make slot cars into race cars!

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Pro Zap Magnet Services

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